WMS Loader

Opens a dialog in which a WMS can be loaded via the getCapabilities-Request. It is possible to load WMS 1.1.1 and WMS 1.3.0.



  • Auto open: Opens the element when application is started (Default: false).

  • Split layers: Splits layer on load of the service (Default: false).

  • Title: Title of the element. The title will be listed in “Layouts” and allows to distinguish between different buttons. It will be indicated if “Show label” is activated.

  • Default format: Default format is image/png, other possibilities: image/gif, image/jpeg.

  • Default info format: Default info format is text/html, other possibilities: text/xml, text/plain.


target: ~                            # Id of Map element to query
tooltip: 'WMS Loader'                # text to use as tooltip
autoOpen: false                      # true/false open when application is started, default false
defaultFormat: 'image/png'           # default format is image/png, further possibilities: image/gif, image/jpeg
defaultInfoFormat: 'text/html'       # default infoformat is text/html, further possibilities: text/xml, text/plain
splitLayers: false                   # split layer on load of the service, default false

You need a button to show this element. See button for inherited configuration options.