About Dialog

This element renders a button which shows a simple about dialog, listing Mapbender’s version. For the default-template the button can be placed, as usual, into the toolbar but can also be positioned into the footer region.



  • Show Label: Enable/Disable about dialog text next to the icon.

  • Title: Text indicated next to the about dialog icon.

  • Tooltip: Text to use as a tooltip. Appears when hovering over the icon.


title: 'About Mapbender'    # text indicated next to the about dialog icon.
tooltip: 'About Mapbender'  # text to use as tooltip
label: true                  # false/true to label the button, default is true
icon: 'icon-about'           # icon to display on button

Class, Widget & Style

  • Class: Mapbender\CoreBundle\Element\AboutDialog

  • Widget: mapbender.mbAboutDialog

  • Style: mapbender.elements.css

HTTP Callbacks


Retrieves dialog contents.